Monday, March 08, 2021

2021 AERC Convention Notes: Dr. Stephanie Seheult on How Your Body Works with Your Horse - Full Article

by Tamara Baysinger

Was anybody else thrilled to see that both days of AERC’s 2021 Unconventional Convention start with a focus on rider fitness? It seems to me that interest in this topic has increased recently. Maybe it’s not my imagination!

Dr. Stephanie Seheult kicked things off with a session entitled “How Your Body Works with Your Horse." Dr. Seheult is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a Bachelors in Health Science, as well as an active equestrian. Most of her clients at Advanced Physio are also riders.

In her presentation, Dr. Seheult focused on the importance of balance in the pelvis and its surrounding muscles. She noted that, in the saddle, many riders feel one seatbone more than the other. Riders may also sit off to one side.

These imbalances worsen as we fatigue – and that’s no small matter for those of us who ride 25, 50, or more miles at a stretch. Dr. Seheult's focus was on the rider, but of course our imbalances affect our horses as well.

Dr. Seheult described two, common causes of pelvic imbalance:...

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