Sunday, August 07, 2022

The All-Important Equine Prepurchase Exam - Full Article

What to expect when a veterinarian performs a prepurchase exam on a prospective equine partner.

Posted by Chris White, DVM | Jul 13, 2022

Prepurchase exam steps, ethics, and best practices

You’re in the market for a new horse and find one across state lines that checks all the boxes; he’s the right age, within your budget, and you love what you see in the seller’s videos. Why spend time and money performing a prepurchase exam (PPE) on this unicorn? In this hot market, you want to snatch him up right now!

“I think of prepurchase exams as an information-gathering mission for the prospective buyer prior to making the decision of purchasing a horse,” says Rachel Roemer, DVM, owner of Great Bay Equine, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. “I perform them to look for any indication of existing issues that may limit performance in the future for whatever desired job...”

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