Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Alfalfa Cubes Potentially Contaminated with Botulism Toxin

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Top of The Rockies alfalfa cubes are being investigated as the potential source of botulism infection in at least 15 horses.

Posted by Haylie Kerstetter | Dec 15, 2022

On Nov. 12, Top of The Rockies Horse Cubes, produced by Manzanola Feeds, released a statement to its customers asking that they discontinue feeding any alfalfa cubes dated Nov. 11-14, 2022, due to possible contamination that resulted in at least 15 horses from Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas contracting what veterinarians believe to be botulism. Ten horses were euthanized due to their rapidly declining condition, two died within two days of showing clinical signs, and two are being treated. The condition of the fifteenth horse is not known.

The company stated it has sent its alfalfa cubes for testing at Colorado State University, University of California, Davis, and the United States Department of Agriculture laboratories in Ames, Iowa. Samples of round hay bales, various feeds, and drinking water consumed by the sick horses have also been sent for testing...

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