Friday, February 10, 2023

Exploring the wilds of Kyrgyzstan on horseback - Full Story

Endurance rider Alexandra Tolstoy leads a trek through verdant woodlands, vertiginous paths and flower-filled meadows

Sarah Siese story and photos
Feb 09, 2023

Archaeological evidence of horses in the Middle East stretches back about 4,500 years, but it was probably on the steppes of southern Russia and Kazakhstan that the animals were first domesticated — and then introduced to the ancient Middle East in 2300BC.

So, an equine adventure led by renowned endurance rider Alexandra Tolstoy across the unspoilt wilds of Kyrgyzstan seems only fitting for adventurous horse lovers.

From the offset, the scenery is exceptionally appealing and, as a journey, there’s a twist of storybook romance and escape. The area is beloved by Tolstoy for its extraordinary geographic diversity, cultural richness and gentle people; along with its cerulean lakes and virgin landscapes speckled with wild iris and multitudes of giant purple alliums, hollyhocks and foxtail lilies...

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