Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Alfalfa Might Prevent Ulcers - Full story

Study Suggests Alfalfa Might Buffer Gastric Acid Production, Prevent Ulcers

by: Agricultural Communications, Texas A&M University System
December 19 2007, Article # 11008

A change in diet can be good for what ails you--even if you are a horse.

Research from Texas A&M University showed that feeding alfalfa to horses either prevented or was therapeutic in treating stomach ulcers.

"Something in alfalfa hay tends to buffer acid production," said Pete Gibbs, PhD, Extension horse specialist.

According to Gibbs, 30% of the one million horses in Texas are used in racing, showing, and competitive performance. Of these, up to 90% of racehorses and more than 50% of arena performance horses have ulcers of varying severity.

Feeding grain, confinement, exercise, and overall environmental stress factors are thought to cause ulcers, he said. It's commonly thought...


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