Monday, December 10, 2007

NickerNetwork - December 2007 - Television for the Horse World

NickerNetwork Announces Initial Channel and Program LineUp for December 15th Launch

Houston, TX - Nicker Communications has set the initial program lineup for the December 15th launch of its online, on-demand equestrian television network. With 25+ channels scheduled for activation within the first 45 days of its online service, the company will go live with ten channels for its beta test launch.

Providing a wide selection of unique equestrian channels all dedicated to a variety of horse-oriented themes and subjects, NickerNetwork is the first Internet-based, on-demand multi-channel television network targeted to the horse world.

Initial channels include CowboyTV, DownTheStretchTV, Hunter/JumperTV, NaturalHorsemanshipTV, LongEarsTV, PegasusTV, PiaffeTV, TrainerTV, VetBarnTV and WorldOfHorsesTV, to be followed shortly by CrossCountryTV, NoviceHorsemanTV, StadiumJumpingTV, Blinkers&TugsTV, HorseCareTV, the indvidual trainer channels and more.

Some of the featured programming available on December 15 will include the reining competition from the FEI 2006 World Equestrian Games, the 2007 European Championships in Dressage, Eventing and Showjumping, and numerous original documentary and training series covering many aspects of the horse world. The variety of channels and programming will grow substantially during 2008 as the network creates its own original programs and series.

With program libraries representing hundreds of hours of high-quality television and video programming focused on the horseworld, and exclusive new program series being produced just for NickerNetwork, NickerTV presents a viable and potent alternative to traditional television networks for viewers.

Utilizing a single website that functions as the portal to a television distribution system, it mimics the structure of a cable or satellite company, yet with a worldwide -- not domestic -- customer base. The advertising structure is completely geo-specific; video ads are delivered according to the global location of the viewer.

Not only is the ad-supported NickerNetwork available at no cost to its viewers, rental and purchase download options are available for every program.

The founder of Nicker Communications, Sally Lasater, said, "According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, the entertainment giants have proclaimed that the future lies online. Within the not so distant future, their vast libraries of television shows and movies will be available online, and on-demand. People will soon be able to watch on their own schedule. Today, Nicker is on the cutting edge of this technology and will provide access to the viewing public for producers of high-quality equestrian programming who have found themselves locked out or out-priced trying to get their shows on-air. It's now a whole new ball game."

Nicker Network will be available to anyone with a broadband connection anywhere in the world. Content providers, including producers specializing in all areas of equestrian lifestyles and disciplines, are invited to contact the company for program submission information.

Content provider and advertising information is now available on the Nicker website.

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