Friday, June 06, 2008

Trail Riding Injuries

A little first-aid know-how and a cool head will go a long way if your horse sustains an injury on the trail.
By Jennifer Whitmire

Getting out on the trail gives you and your horse an opportunity to enjoy a change of scenery or a new challenge. But being out on the trail also means that you may be on your own if faced with a medical emergency. Are you ready for that? Would you know what to do if your horse tied up, cut himself or suffered a serious stone bruise?

Being prepared for an unexpected emergency is not only important, it's imperative. The majority of injuries that occur out on the trail are mild in nature and in many cases could not have been prevented. They happen to everyone at one time or another, so there's little point in chastising yourself for having made a mistake while your horse is standing there bleeding. Instead, deal with the incident quickly and with a clear head. Trail season is upon us, and with every trek comes the likelihood of a mishap. Rather than sitting home, prepare yourself for whatever might happen. Armed with certain first-aid supplies and some knowledge, you don't have to feel helpless if your horse gets injured.

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