Friday, March 20, 2009

Hoof care: Pete and Ivy Ramey join forces with Auburn University

photo: Pete and Ivy Ramey team up with Debra R. Taylor DVM, MS, DACVIM (Auburn University College of Veterinarian Medicine) to study the results of natural hoof care on chronic laminitis cases. (Dr. Taylor pictured at left)

Ivy and Pete Ramey are currently traveling to Auburn every 3 weeks to expand the preliminary study- hopefully to include 50 horses. The study has consistently shown rotation reversal, increased sole thickness and profound improvement in levels of soundness. Several case horses have also demonstrated reversal of distal descent of P3. The goal is to publish this data as a scientific paper; it would be the first time a successful method of reversing chronic laminitis has been published. If you have a laminitic horse you would like to add to the study (and can haul to the University) please contact Dr. Taylor at the vet school. Boarding is available at nearby farms.

photo: Pete and Ivy applying the Easyboot Glue-On.

EasyCare has been given the opportunity to help fund Dr. Taylor's study and benefit horses with chronic laminitis years into the future. EasyCare's contribution is small when compared to the time and man hours provided by Pete and Ivy. In addition to EasyCare's donation and the time invested by Pete and Ivy, both EasyCare and the Ramey's intend to put in a call to action to the natural hoof care world when the time is right. The initial study is underway and results are looking very positive but in order for the study to continue and benefit horses around the world more money will need to be raised. We will post more about how you can get involved in the near future.

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