Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Investors sought for Endurance movie

Investors sought for endurance race film

March 12, 2009

Inverstors are being sought for a movie about the equestrian sport of endurance riding to be filmed later this year in the US.

The script by US writer Dennis Goldberg is about endurance racing and the people and the horses who make the sport happen.

Director Bodo Holst will also produce the film, named Figure of Eight, and intends filming in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA.

"It will be shot on location with the most spectacular views in mind. A $US2 million budget and A-list actors will provide for a theatrical release quality film," Holst said.

"My goal is to bring international riders and horses to the screen, in order to make it a more colourful film, responding to the international audience of movie watchers and of course horse lovers."

Bodo Holst, ph 323.259-9597

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