Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Neigh-Lox: Saracen recalls supplement contaminated with ractopamine
Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer
4 November, 2009

Saracen Horse Feeds are recalling a batch of the feed supplement Neigh Lox as it has been found to be contaminated with ractopamine.

Neigh Lox can be used as supplement to help maintain gastric health in horses with high grain intake, or those experiencing high levels of stress.

It can also be used for horses entering stressful situations, travelling, those with poor appetites and for those that have already been treated for ulcers.

Horse owners using the product have been asked by the company to check their tubs for batch number 9B04-408.

Ractopamine is a feed supplement commonly given to pigs to promote muscle growth.

Saracen has sent a recall letter to its stockists and all unsold tubs have been recalled.

If you have any product from this batch please return it to stockists and ask for a refund or replacement tub.

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