Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Phil Carroll: Horsing Around with a Six-Pac

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Angela White | Tuesday, 10 November, 2009

Phil Carroll tells us about towing a horse trailer and the many advantages of a truck camper for horseback riding enthusiasts. Saddle up. It's time to ride.

Sometimes people discover truck campers because they're the best solution for what they want to do. For example, many equestrians want to tow a horse trailer and then camp in comfort near their horses. Truck campers are particularly well suited to this purpose and offer horseback riding enthusiasts more off-road and boondocking opportunities than other horse towing solutions.

Phil Carroll is one such equestrian who really enjoys the capabilities of his Six-Pac truck camper and horse trailer. Phil also uses his camper without the horse trailer to go on vacations while visiting friends and family. This is one truck camper that's at home on the trails and on the road.

TCM: What are the advantages to having a truck camper when you are towing horses?

Phil: Basically, horse campers have three choices in rigs. First, you can get a horse trailer with living quarters. A horse trailer provides a big, expensive, horse camping only investment. Second, you can get a truck camper and a tag-a-long horse trailer. A truck camper lets you go to Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, or where ever without the horse in a nice compact arrangement. And third, you can get some kind of tent camper or sleep in the tack room type of arrangement. This would be less comfortable than the other two choices.


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