Monday, January 04, 2010

HELLO! Your Horse is Talking to you! - Full Article

By Suzanne Michaels
Special to El Paso Inc

EL PASO - Your dog noses her leash hanging on the wall, looks at you and whines. The message is clear: "Can we go for a walk?"

Most of us recognize that form of doggie communication. But what if your other best friend is a horse?

We don't commonly think of horses "talking" to us in the same way we recognize dog communications. But equine experts say they are.

The question is: Are you getting the message?

More and more, trainers and riders are recognizing the critical importance of body language and a light touch, as they move away from excessive use of spurs, whips and harsh bits.

This month, Steve and Jennie Housley return to El Paso to teach Horse Sense Naturally clinics for horse owners at all levels of expertise.

Many students who took the class in October were amazed at the simple communication skills that allowed them to connect with their horses in new ways.


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