Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Missing Third Arabian - The Shagya-Arabian Horse

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO) recognizes three separate breeds of the Arabian Horse. In North America, most Arabian aficionados are acquainted with the purebred Arabian and the Half-Arabian breeds. But a large majority of people world-wide are unfamiliar with the third and rarest Arabian Horse that is known as the Shagya-Arabian.

Its origins derive from purebred desert Arabians and that were developed more than 200 years ago from selective breeding and performance testing when the Austro-Hungarian monarchy needed a superior cavalry mount back in 1789. The ideal horse had to be pre-potent for its type so that it could be used to improve other native breeds. As a result of an edict from the Emperor, the Babolna stud farm was founded 36 miles west of Budapest.

The conditions for creating a superior breed were perfect at the time, since the stud was managed by Hungary's talented native horsemen, the Magyars, who had highly developed skills as horse breeders.


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