Monday, March 22, 2010

The Inclusion Of Flavonoids In The Diet Of Endurance Horses – Dr Greg Clark - Full Article

March 22, 2010

The health benefits of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables in the human diet have long been established. More recently, however, trials undertaken in New Zealand with endurance horses have revealed a new and exciting role for a particular group of fruit-derived compounds in the training, performance and recovery of competitive horses.

Using a unique combination of red/purple pigments sourced from unique varieties of NZ berry fruits, New Zealand scientist Dr Greg Clark has shown that when taken as part of a horse’s daily diet these compounds can help sustain aerobic performance, reduce muscle fatigue and limit muscle damage.

Flavonoids, as these pigments are called, are responsible for most of the bright red and blue colours in flowers, vegetables and fruits throughout the plant world.

As part of a human diet, flavonoids are an important natural antioxidant source comparative to vitamin C and E but, additionally, flavonoids have been implicated in a functional role in support of the cardiovascular system particularly with respect to improved blood flow to tissues where circulation has been compromised or to muscles undergoing repetitive fatiguing activity.

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