Friday, January 27, 2012

Asymetry anyone?

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"Do you know that your martingales are only on one side?"

On many endurance events, observant and well meaning crew, fellow riders and spectators remind the riders of Global Endurance Center of the fact that their running martingales are on one side of the reins.

Indeed, they are!

What are the reasons for this symmetry? Is it for looks or function?

Riding with symmetrical martingales certainly has it's place in the arena. But it does not give us any advantages on the trail, on endurance or conditioning rides.

When flexing and bending a horse, symmetrical martingales only allow a flexing of about 45 degrees on each side. After that angle is reached, the opposing martingale will inhibit any further bending by counteracting and preventing the outside of the neck to stretch any further. Just imagine, if you had a difficult horse, a run away or bolt. It would be very hard to bend or circle the horse enough to gain control.

Quite different is the situation with the one sided or asymmetrical martingales...

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