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Barefoot. The Secret of the Floating Boots

El Raid blog - Gabriel Gamiz

November 13 2012

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Since contact Florentino Pereira, one of the leaders of Floating Boots, to tell me the developments and results of the types of boots for horses Barefoot system, referred me to your site and these are the evolutions of the boots and large results achieved with this shoe, shoes, boots or as you want to call, but they are getting great results as the horses shod with these products.

I put some pictures of horses that have these boots and shoes that have achieved such good results.

Here's the memo:
The Secret of the FLOATING BOOTS

Any impartial observer will have noticed, by now, of the benefits of competition FLOATING BOOTS. Since the 2012 Absolute Championship of Spain, with victory Alex Luque and Louteiro EO, wearing shoes FLOATING competition, many were interested in this new way of arranging the hulls and to train and compete with one type of hardware or footwear allow the town to fulfill its role as a buffer.

In Porrúa could see as 100 100 participants were classified FLOATING shod, and two of them also earned their tests. In Porrúa were 52 registered of which 41 were classified, but the nine who were with FLOATING have classified all. In CEI1 * had 5 and ranked among the top 8 ranked 15 and 20 enrolled: ADAL-nomadic, winner; Omali, third and Best Condition; Gamon, sixth; GLOBERTROTTER 75, seventh, and Agent 67, eighth.
In CEN0 ZE'PEQUEÑA was in the eighth and won TOXA CETP and JERSIK RUBIO Bugati and 50 were classified both.

With an iron horseshoe (or aluminum) protects the hull of erosion on impact with the ground, but while the hull remains completely immobilized by the rigidity of metal itself and loses its damping function. As a result of this non-hull damping, damping must endure the bones, joints and tendons, when released this function is shared between hooves, bones, joints and tendons.

well with iron But the impact of each stride is much higher, as the iron horseshoe did act as if the effect of a greater impact hammer and they have to cushion the joints, tendons and bones all by themselves. And so more than 30,000 times, each foot in a raid of 80 kilometers.

The problem with many plastic shoes or synthetically manufactured was complex to date. We had to find a material that was neither slick nor to be worn too, and then find a type of glue to hold the hull. Now with FLOATING BOOTS, and more after the success in the Championship of Spain, it seems that all the pieces fit and you can enjoy a novel system that helps the horse to regain the natural functions of your helmet to improve their welfare and their capabilities sports career. As always, there will be many skeptics who will discuss and seek to continue shoeing thousand excuses as before. And not all be as Porrúa raids, with a success rate of 100 per 100, as there are many other factors that come into play in our careers. Of course. But those who want to test it properly and with patience to their mounts to adapt to this new hardware, no doubt will be rewarded handsomely."

Greetings from Gabriel.

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