Thursday, November 15, 2012

Could Endophyte-Infected Fescue Cause Lameness in Horses? - Full Article

By Casie Bazay, BS, NBCAAM • Nov 06, 2012 • Article #30825

Endophytes--fungi that benefit some grasses such as fescue by acting as a natural insect deterrent--have proven harmful to grazing animals, such as cattle and horses.

Endophyte-infected tall fescue, for example, has long been associated with reproductive problems and abortion in mares. But new research indicates it could also cause some forms of equine lameness.

A group of researchers from Kansas State University (KSU) recently set out to evaluate the effects of endophyte-infected fescue--a common forage found in horse pastures throughout the United States--on horse digital circulation and forelimb lameness...

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