Saturday, November 24, 2012

History of the Barefoot Trim

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In this article I identify seven people that have been influential in the “Barefoot Movement”.

· Dr. Hiltrude Strasser; Proper Trimming of a Sound Horse
· Lyle Bergeleen; Hoof Talk Natural Trim
· KC La Pierre; High Performance Trim
· Dennis Manning; AFA trim
· Gene Ovnicek; Natural Balance trim
· Dr. Ric Redden; Four Point Trim
· Michael Savoldi; Universal Sole Thickness UST
· Natural hoof care

Dr. Hiltrude Strasser; Proper Trimming of a sound Horse

Strasser is an advocate of “Natural Boarding” conditions. These conditions include plenty of natural movement (no box stalls), no legwraps bandages or other clothing, no greases, oils or hoof dressing. She advocates daily exposure to water, no horseshoes (ever). Strasser trims the foot to what she describes as a slanted cone...

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