Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Building Your Trail Right the First Time!"

When you construct or reroute a trail, you are putting a structure on the landscape that will be there, in good or bad condition, for 100 years or more in most places. So why not do it right?  

A part of the American Trails Advancing Trails Webinar Series, "Building Your Trail Right the First Time," brought to you by another trail expert on sustainability, will teach you how to design and layout a sustainable trail when you are constructing or maintaining your trail system.
You will learn how to place a trail on the landscape so that it is consistent with the natural environment so that it will be aesthetically pleasing, meet user needs, and require minimal maintenance in the future.
You will also learn how to lay out a trail or re-route it in a sustainable manner. After this webinar, you will have the tools to:
• Understand the influences of water on trail alignments
• Understand the use of control points in trail layout
• Learn how to determine sustainable grade
• Learn how to determine grades between control points
The webinar is geared primarily towards beginning to intermediate level trailbuilders.

Presenter: John Favro, a professional trail consultant, is the Owner of Trails Guy and the newly elected Chair of the American Trails Board. He retired from the U.S. Forest Service after a 35 year career. Read John's article in a previous issue of the American Trails Magazine, "Sustainable Trails: doing it right the first time."

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