Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vermont's nonprofit's mission to save rare horse breed - Full Story

Posted: Jul 29, 2013
By Judy Simpson

The Center for America's First Horse in Johnson is home to the largest and most diverse group of Colonial Spanish horses in the eastern United States. The rare breed is 500 years old and famous for their endurance and gentle manners. These horses are descendants of the horses brought to the New World by the conquistadors and were used by various Indian tribes. These horses are part of our history.

"What is left of this breed is only about 3,000 horses and the majority of them are out west. They have been the forgotten breed," said Stephanie Lockhart of the Center for America's First Horse.

There are 18 Colonial Spanish horses on the 70-acre farm. Some were rescued. It is the largest herd in the eastern United States. They are used for lessons and other programs run by the center to educate people not only about the rare breed, but about horses in general...

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