Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter-Driving Safety Guide

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By Courtesy of USRider Equestrian Motor Plan

Hauling your horse this winter? Don’t leave home without this quick-reference guide to winter driving.

This winter maintain your trailer, and follow these winter-driving tips from USRider.

• Go slow. Follow this rule of thumb: "rain, ice, and snow--take it slow." Slow down even more when approaching curves, ramps, bridges, and interchanges. Avoid abrupt actions, such as quick lane changes, braking, and accelerating.

• Check the weather. Before setting out on a trip, check weather reports, and plan accordingly. In many states, you can dial 5-1-1 for travel conditions and road closures. Allow extra time for inclement weather. Be aware of changing conditions. Look ahead, and keep track of the driving conditions in front of you. Actions by other drivers can alert you to problems and give you time to react. Look out for black ice, which is hard to see.

• Don't become overconfident. Don't be susceptible to the false security of four-wheel drive. While four-wheel drive may help you go, but it won't help you stop...

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