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Top Ten Reasons to NOT Join or Renew With AERC - Patti Stedman - Full Article

By Patti Stedman | January 3rd, 2014

[I'm a horrible recruiter, and would have been a horrible used car salesperson, so thought a little tongue-in-cheek list was in order a la my good friend, David Letterman. Written with the help of some chums, who indicate they are ashamed to have me list their names ... ]


10. I have a serious Starbucks Vente Caramel Frappucino habit and cannot afford the $75 membership fee …

Boy, do we have great news for you! First off, EasyCare Inc. ( sponsors a new member discount of 10% for new members or members who have left us for a few years, which means that a 2014 membership will cost you only $63.75.

Secondly, at $4.25 a pop and 530 calories per tall, icy, sugary caffeine fix, if you just make Tuesday “AERC Dues Tuesday” and order a Vente Starbucks Coffee instead, at $1.75 and 15 calories, by Memorial Day you will have made up the funds (even without the discount) as well as lost four pounds. Seriously, do the math.

Your horse will thank you. As will AERC.

9. I don’t have an Arabian and figure I can’t really compete without one...

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