Friday, January 10, 2014

Trailer Load the Right Way - Full Article

By Heidi Melocco

Safely load and unload your horse from the trailer with this seven-step technique from top trainer and clinician Julie Goodnight.

As an avid trail rider, you're accustomed to loading and unloading your horse most every weekend. You travel to find and frequent the most scenic trails and add some variety to your rides.

Before your next trailering excursion, learn the safety steps that will keep you and your horse safe as you load and unload. Respected trainer and clinician Julie Goodnight works with trail riders and "trailerers" at many of her clinics. She's seen horse owners skip important safety steps and trust that their horses will be safe.

But even the calmest horse can spook, step back, or slip, causing a harmful chain reaction if the loading, tying and untying process isn't done in order. If your horse is tied in the trailer, but knows the back door is open for escape, he might pull back and panic when he can't get free. The panic session compounds when he hears the trailer's loud echo and slips on a metal floor...

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