Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beet Pulp: A Super Source of Fiber for Horses - Full Article

By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · July 17, 2014

A byproduct of the sugar industry, beet pulp is the fibrous portion of the sugar beet that remains after the sugar has been extracted. This material is dehydrated and shredded before being sold as a livestock feed. Known as a “super-fiber” because it provides both fiber and a higher level of energy than most forages, it is easily digested by horses, somewhat more so than many types of hay. Plain beet pulp contains very little sugar, and therefore few calories, though beet pulp with molasses contains an appreciable amount of sugar.

Any horse can be given beet pulp as part of the diet, but it is especially suitable for horses with several specific conditions. For insulin-resistant horses, beet pulp is a good choice because it does not cause a significant glycemic response as it is being digested. Despite its low-carbohydrate status, it can help put weight on some thin horses through the energy that is released when it is fermented in the hindgut. If hay is in short supply, beet pulp can be used as an alternate fiber source to replace some dietary roughage...

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