Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Horse Hooves: Coronary Band Injuries Can Affect Growth - Full Article

By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · October 13, 2014

Many pastured horses, and even those that are kept in stalls, seem to accumulate small cuts, scrapes, and scratches. These injuries are more frequent, and sometimes more severe, when groups of young, energetic horses are turned out together. In most cases, horse owners can clean and treat minor injuries that will heal quickly, and can get veterinary attention for larger or more serious lacerations.

One location where seemingly small injuries can have a long-lasting effect is the coronary band, or coronet. This area, where the top of the hoof joins the bottom of the horse’s pastern, is easily injured when the horse bangs a leg against a fence, rock, or other object encountered in the pasture or stall. If the horse steps on his own foot or is stepped on or kicked by another horse, coronary band injuries can result...

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