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Horses & (Medical) Marijuana

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October 9, 2013
Shara Rutberg

Did you know that cannabis was once used to treat equine ailments? HN's resident Colorado girl Shara Rutberg investigates.

From Shara:

On my way to the barn, I pass The Farm, one of the many pot shops, er, medical dispensaries here in Boulder, Colorado, where we voted to legalize recreational pot and where an advocacy group literally handed out joints on a popular pedestrian mall a few weeks back. Down in Denver, there are more pot shops than Starbucks. And many have names like The Farm, and The Dandelion, that sound alluring to equines.

Might this just be the ideal thing to take the edge off my brave steed, who has done airs above the ground in response to jump decorations 200 yards away across the cross country course? Would a handful of Mary Jane in the alfalfa make the pony peaceful with pumpkins (dear god!) on the jumps? Would it garner points for relaxation at the canter? Could I clip the beast without a vet if he nibbles a few kind cookies before I warm up the Wahls?

People have been using cannabis to help horses for ages. The ancient Greeks used it for colic and wound care. The U.S. government supplied cannabis as part of the standard first aid kit to cavalry troopers who also did vet duty in the field. A cavalry manual recommends it for “spasmodic colic and other intestinal troubles...”

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