Friday, December 19, 2014

State Travel Requirements - Full Article

By Nan K. Huff, PhD
Nov 20, 2014

Who to call and what papers to gather before heading to an out-of-state event with your horse

After months of conditioning and training, you and your horse are ready to head to a horse show. You have cleaned your tack. You have stocked the horse trailer with feed, hay, and supplies. You’ve had your truck and trailer inspected and they are ready for the trip. But aren’t you missing something? Whether you are traveling to another city or another state, you have to make sure your horse’s health papers and vaccinations are up-to-date and adequate for the event or show. These requirements range from the expected to the exotic, depending on your destination, so it’s important that you do the necessary research—and act on it—in enough time to be prepared for your trip...

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