Monday, November 09, 2015

Horse Groups Endorse AHC's Welfare Code of Practice

By Edited Press Release
Oct 10, 2015

More than 50 equine-related organizations have now endorsed the American Horse Council’s (AHC) Welfare Code of Practice, designed to “put the horse first.”

The 10 most recent supporters include the U.S. Polo Association; American Warmblood Registry; North American Shortpony Registry; Missouri Quarter Horse Association; Michigan, Minnesota, New York and South Carolina Horse Councils; Pal-O-Mine Equine Center; and the Virginia Horse Center Foundation.

The AHC Welfare Code of Practice is a broad set of principles designed to establish good welfare procedures for organizations to follow to “put the horse first.” The code outlines in broad strokes what principles organizations are committed to in breeding, training, competing, transporting, enjoying, and caring for horses. The code encourages everyone to consider the health, safety, and welfare of their horses in all aspects of their activities, including social and ethical issues.

The AHC’s code is not intended to supersede an organization’s rules or regulations. Any organization’s more specific rules still govern activities sanctioned and regulated by the organization. Rather the code is a compliment to any such rules and restates the principles to be followed by breed registries, trade associations, various disciplines, and the horse community as a whole in pursuing their equine activities.

To review the AHC Welfare Code of Practice, a list of the 51 organizations supporting the code, and a FAQs page, please visit the AHC Website at

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