Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Chinese whispers: Far east horse owners introduced to gentle training methods - Full Article

October 26, 2016

Horse whisperer, animal communicator and energy healer Anna Twinney has reached out to horse owners in China and Mongolia to share her equine experience.

Although Twinney is booked solid up to 18 months in advance, she accepted an invitation from the Chinese branch of the American Quarter Horse Association to visit Beijing and Mongolia.

“It’s truly a country of contrast,” Twinney said. She traveled from the metropolis of Beijing, with its economic success and high energy, to areas in the Mongolian countryside where indoor plumbing was an absolute luxury.

One topic that particularly interested the people in the Mongolian crowd was the difference between Twinney’s “Reach out to Horses” methodology and their traditional style of “horse breaking” (ie, taking hold of the horses’ ears, turning their necks and manhandling them). The entire village, vet, farrier and endurance team came to watch the training...

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