Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Advanced Equine Comfort Launches Easy’s Performance Slipper™


January 23 2018

New glue-on shoe to provide performance benefits to sport horses

Highlands, NC – Jan. 23, 2018 – Advanced Equine Comfort LLC today announced the launch of its newest glue-on horseshoe, Easy’s Performance Slipper™. No longer solely for therapeutic relief, Easy’s Performance Slipper is a more streamlined model of the original Easy’s Slipper®, providing the same patented hoof support, but with a newly contoured shape for peak performance in all types of riding disciplines.

Based on customer and farrier feedback, changes were made to the original Easy’s Slipper, including:

• Material was removed from the sides to reduce leverage
• The cuff was thinned to provide more flexibility for ease of installation
• Material was added to widen the sole surface at the toe to provide support for horses with less than well-connected growth at the toe
• The back bar was increased in size to provide additional support to the heel
• Vertical ribs were added to the inside of the cuff to provide space for equal dispersion of glue, as well as serving to keep any break in the glue bond from spreading
• Cut marks were made to the rear of the cuff to offer guidance to nipper the cuff in the event the cuff is too tight at the heels

The material of Easy’s Performance Slipper remains the same thickness on the sole of the slipper to continue to provide the best shock absorption and shock vibration dissipation of any boot or glue-on presently on the market. The Easy’s Performance Slipper patent is pending the U.S., U.K. and 28 European communities. It is offered in all three original Easy’s Slipper styles, including the open bottom rocker, closed bottom rocker and heart bar.

“We’ve listened to our customers from across the world, and the demand is for a sporty glue-on so that competition and riding horses can have all the benefits from a therapy shoe, along with superior riding performance,” said Sue Blair, founder and CEO, Advanced Equine Comfort. “We expect Easy’s Performance Slipper to gain mass appeal and be a real game-changer for the horseshoe industry.”

The original Easy’s Slipper is still available, and continues to be the leading therapeutic glue-on horseshoe that provides shock absorption and vibration dissipation to improve joint and bone health. It is both FEI and USEF approved for competition.


About Easy’s Slipper®

Easy’s Slipper, from Advanced Equine Comfort LLC, is the therapeutic glue-on horseshoe that provides shock absorption and vibration dissipation to improve joint and bone health. Easy’s Slipper encourages hoof growth and physical movement to grow healthier hooves and happier horses. The superior shock absorbency decreases stress on the bones, ligaments and joints, allowing natural flexing of the hoof, resulting in enhanced blood flow and increased oxygenation of the horse’s body. The built-in rocker can be easily adjusted by a farrier for the desired breakover for proper movement and soundness.

Visit www.advancedequinecomfort.com to learn more, and like us on Facebook at facebook.com/easysslipper

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