Friday, January 19, 2018

The Arabians who conquered Scottsdale - Full Article

These sleek desert horses have become big business in the American Southwest.

B. Williams Author (Curated by J. Strawberry)

Arabians have conquered Scottsdale, Arizona with love and affection - not the warring Bedouin tribes from the Arabian Peninsula [VIDEO] thousands of years ago, but rather the 1,000-pound, four-hoof Arabians. They yearn to be stroked and scratched, and the signature neck - missing one vertebra - loves to have a human arm around it. If you blow in their nostrils they will follow you anywhere.

“Arabian horses create a bond with their owners and caretakers that is unlike any other breed,” Gary McDonald told me after touring his Arabian farm in Scottsdale. “They are the most intelligent of the breeds and the intelligence makes them interactive, playful and easy to be trained.”

In 1954, Ed Tweed and 20 other breeders formed the #Arabian Horse Association of Arizona, with Ed as its first president, but America’s interest in the horses goes further back in history than that...

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