Thursday, January 23, 2020

How You Can Help the Horses of Australia - Full Article

23 January 2020
Words by Nadia Aslam

Horse enthusiasts the world over are doing their bit to help those affected by the Australian bushfires...

Along narrow country roads, farms lie abandoned, horses run free; terrified for their lives amid a cloud of seemingly endless smoke.

As properties burn in southern Australia, many are left wondering, “what now?”. Families who have lived on the same property for 20 years have seen their hard work burn to the ground, and with property insurance an expensive cost, it’s unclear as to just how many will have funds available to rebuild once the dust settles.

The fires have been devastating for wildlife and across the country's equestrian community. For each horse lost to the fires, there’s a person left behind who can no longer turn to their four-legged friend. For each farm that burns, there’s a farmer who has lost their livelihood and must muster the strength to pick up the pieces to start from scratch.

But through this tragedy, something beautiful has happened. The world has come to rally behind Australia, with horse people the world over sending messages, funds, and supplies to do anything that they can to help. And while this support can’t take back what has been done, it’s doing a tremendous job of boosting morale in many Australian communities...

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