Saturday, January 04, 2020

Meeting Horse-Whisperer Jean-Francois Pignon - Full Story

5 January 2020
Words and images by Rebecca Ashton

We spend some time with renowned horseman Jean-Francois Pignon at his beautiful property in France, and learn about how he became a worldwide “horse-whispering” phenomenon…

We are in the infectious company of Jean-Francois Pignon. His six black horses are all just two years old and already he’s playing with them. The way they came into the world is a story in itself. A local vet owned a “dangerous” stallion. It was either go and visit Jean Francois or be put down, so Jean Francois took him on.

“It was very interesting working with him,” Jean Francois explains. “He was very sensible. If you stayed and moved with him, it was very interesting.”

That’s a theme you hear a lot with the Frenchman. After all these years, he still finds the horses very interesting, there’s still something to learn from each one.

Needless to say, he changed the vet’s horse completely. As payment, he took some services from the stallion and ended up with six black foals. Hence the show, as they will join his already established team, who are all white...

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