Saturday, July 08, 2023

Allen Boyer: ‘Three Steps Up to Mediocrity’ By Pamela Reband, M.D. - Full Review

July 6 2023

This is an eloquent book about climbing and covering ground: the scores of miles that an endurance rider may cover, the span of physical and psychological distance that it takes to come back from injury and debility. Author Pam Reband, who grew up in Oxford, has written a memoir that will resonate with many – those who ride, and those who have risen to other challenges

“Three Steps Up” starts with an accident and an injury. On a trail outside her home in Arizona,

Pamela Reband, a rider for almost all of her life, had a fall that twisted her out of the saddle and brought her horse down on top of her.

“Sometimes rock bottom isn’t metaphorical,” Reband tartly observes. “They make bricks out of the dirt in Arizona.” The fall tore her rotator cuff and bruised her bones; she could not trust herself to climb stairs without handrails. These injuries arrived before Covid weakened her lungs and family medical problems demanded her time and concentration...

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