Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hip, Shoulder, Shoulder Training Technique for Your Horse - Full Article

This simple exercise can tum your out-of-control horse into a dance partner or teach a stuck-in-place horse to back beautifully

Lost in a sea of what lessons to teach your horse next? There are two ways to go. Next month, we’ll give you an outline of all the training steps in teaching “give to the bit,” from the most basic, hips over, to advanced, counter-bending maneuvers. This is the sequence that I use when starting an “unbroke” horse, and it’s also the sequence that I use when retraining a horse.

But this month, we’ll do an exercise that you can use to get a horse under control in a hairy situation, and teaching it will also help your horse become more responsive in ordinary situations. It’s called “Hip, Shoulder, Shoulder.”

There are really only five steps in this lesson plan. We’ll give you an overview here, and then tell you how to teach the lesson to your horse...

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