Thursday, May 20, 2010

It is Rocket Science: Synergist Saddles - Full Article

By: Michelle Morañha Winner
May 18, 2010

“Excuse me,” the tall woman behind me at the UPS store said,” are you sending that box to Synergist Saddles in Wyoming? Sorry to listen in but I heard you say it’s a saddle form and I just knew it had to be for a Synergist Saddle!”

We chatted about how much she loved her Synergist Saddle and she said, “I remember the day I mailed my EQUImeasure form off, I was walking on air!“

I know how she feels. I’m almost through the process myself. We’ve measured my horse, heated and fit the patented EQUImeasure form on him, measured parts of me that don't see the sunshine and sent everything back to C.J. and Dave Di Pietra at Synergist. As soon as they got my package, C.J. called to walk me through the dozens of options available to custom design my saddle. When was the last time the owner of a company called to help you personally? This is only part of why a Synergist Saddle is different. Let me share with you my perfect saddle journey.

I got my sweet Palomino Gelding Quarter Horse Drifter in November. The rigid western roping saddle I had used on an Arabian to chase cows at the ranch would not fit him. It looked like a top hat sitting there on his back. Kinda silly and definitely wrong. I was not mounting up. I needed a new saddle for him. Where to begin?

Everyone has a saddle story...

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