Thursday, May 20, 2010

Test results for hoof treatment and conditionning products

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For many years, Global Endurance Training Center has been testing equestrian products, from horse shoes and hoof boots to saddles, tack, supplements and feed. We have very high standards and accept only the best. When we find the best, we often decide to carry these items on our 'product' page on our website. Everything we offer for sale there, has been thoroughly tested and is being used by us and our staff on our horses. We can recommend and endorse these products.

Lately, we have been testing hoof treatment product, especially for sore hooves, thrush and fungus. We do receive help from our trainers, one of their blogs you can visit at

Among many others, Sarah Schick has been helping us with training and testing products. Visit her blog, she has a great training program going herself now.

We are dividing the products in two different categories:

-Sole toughening

-Fungus and thrush treatments

For sole toughening, we found that three products worked best:

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