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Sport Horse Feeding, Management the Focus of KER Equine Nutrition Conference

Press Release
May 6, 2010

The feeding and management of sport horses in various disciplines, such as endurance riding and three-day eventing, was the focus of the 17th Kentucky Equine Research (KER) Nutrition Conference, held April 26-27 in Lexington, Ky. Presenters included world-renowned veterinary researchers, as well as KER's in-house equine nutrition experts.

More than 100 horse feed manufacturers, veterinarians, students, and other industry professionals from more than a dozen countries recently attended the event. Presentations covered heart rate metrics, drug use guidelines and restrictions, antioxidant research, use of electrolytes for hydration and recovery, management of metabolic and muscle diseases, and the diagnosis and treatment of joint problems in equine athletes.

KER President Joe Pagan, PhD, reviewed clinical studies that have revealed key facts about equine nutrition and exercise physiology. In many cases, this research has led to the development of nutritional products and supplements used by horses competing successfully at the Olympic level.

"While offers a wealth of information on equine health and nutrition, conferences like this give us an invaluable opportunity to connect with hands-on horse owners, managers, and veterinarians to ensure our research and communication efforts remain on the cutting edge of the equine industry," said KER Global Marketing Manager Kim Brown. "We hope those that couldn't join us for the live meeting take advantage of the summaries available on, as well as the upcoming video coverage."

Summaries of the Conference Presentations

Pagan Kicks Off First Day of KER Nutrition Conference

Challenges of Endurance Exercise: Water and Electrolyte Depletion

Antioxidant Research and Its Application to Feeding Horses

Pursuing the Genetic Basis for Tying-Up Syndromes

Advances in Diagnosis of Equine Joint Disease

Remarks on the Benefits of Heart Rate Recordings

Veterinary Care for Competition Horses While Staying Within the Medication Rules

McIlwraith on Management of Joint Disease in the Sport Horse

Feeding the Elite Sport Horse

Feeding Management of the Three-Day Event Horse

The Management of Tying-Up in Sport Horses: Challenges and Successes

Observations and Recommendations for Feeding the Endurance Horse

Video coverage of the event, including interviews with presenters, will be available on

KER Team Members from countries including Canada, Colombia, Brazil, England, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, India, Korea, New Zealand, and Australia were invited to visit the KER Research Farm in Versailles, Ky., where they enjoyed lunch and watched a demonstration of the facility's high-speed equine treadmill. They also took tours of Lane's End Farm, Labrot & Graham Distillery, and the Kentucky Horse Park.

KER is a world-renowned nutrition and consultation company that works with feed manufacturers to develop horse feeds suited for the particular regions in which they are to be fed. Research efforts are the cornerstone of KER, and all scientific trials are directed by Joe Pagan, PhD, and carried out by a staff of equine nutritionists and support personnel. Conclusions drawn from these trials are used in the formulation of technologically advanced feeds.

In addition to its research endeavors, KER has a rich tradition of providing top-of-the-line feeds to the greatest equine athletes in the world. In 2000, the company was tapped to be the official nutritionist of the United States Equestrian Federation and holds the same distinction for the Australian Equestrian Team.

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