Tuesday, January 06, 2015

DIY: Checking Hoof Balance

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Monday, December 29, 2014 by EasyCare Customer Service Team

As horse owners, there are a few knowledge pieces that are worthy to keep stashed in our minds for a particular situation or in the case that a riding buddy might be in need. A couple of great examples of these emergency kit references include Rebecca’s blog, The Basics of Taking Your Horse’s Vitals-How and Why and Digital Pulse – Not Just for the Disco. A fun exercise to practice at home is determining if your horse’s hoof is balanced. All you need is a ruler and a permanent marker.

Remember, your hoof care practitioner has the first-hand knowledge and experience regarding your horse's hoof. If something doesn’t seem analogous in your findings, please discuss with your farrier or trimmer. Different hoof care professionals have different methods of determining the medial/lateral and anterior/posterior balance of a horse’s hoof. The style below has served to be accurate on most occasions and it’s a fun tool to have in the box...

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