Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Saddle Fit and Back Pain in Horses and Riders - Full Article

By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · December 10, 2014

A saddle that doesn’t fit can make the horse’s back sore, but can also cause back pain in riders, according to a study conducted by British researchers at the Animal Health Trust Centre for Equine Studies.

Information was gathered by observing and assessing horses being ridden in various disciplines. The horses were thought to be sound and were in regular exercise programs. Asymmetries of the back were assessed and any signs of lameness were noted.

Later, the same riders were asked to answer an online questionnaire about lameness, saddle slip, and their own and their horses’ back problems. More than 200 riders responded to the questionnaire.

The visual assessment showed that 43% of horses had saddles that fitted poorly...

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