Monday, February 23, 2015

Coyotes Blamed for Michigan Horse's Death - Full Article

*Note update at the bottom*

By Pat Raia
Jan 29, 2015

A pack of coyotes is being blamed for the death of a Michigan horse that was a member of the Lapeer County Sheriff's Mounted Division.

Lapeer County Sheriff's Mounted Division Lieutenant Bruce Osmon said the 27-year-old mare was attacked by five or six coyotes on Jan. 23. The horse was a member of the Lapeer County Sheriff's Mounted Division, he said.

“She was used for special occasions such as parades,” Osmon said.

The mare usually lived in a pasture with eight other horses, Osmon said; however, at the time of the attack, she had been brought to an area closer to the barn for feeding...

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**Update: MI DNR has closed the case; there were no witnesses who saw coyotes attacking; owners still believe coyotes responsible.
"Investigation into death of Oxford Township horse reportedly attacked by coyotes closed, says DNR" article here:

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