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So … Can You Find Love or Good Endurance Riding Advice on Facebook?

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By Patti Stedman | February 15th, 2015

Let’s clear up that love question first …

I have no idea if you can find love on the ‘net. I’ve been with Richard for over 20 years now and while I’ve had a few exes “friend” me on Facebook I’m quite confident that when they saw that I hadn’t aged as well as they’d hoped, they moved on to some other ex-girlfriend.

The phenomena of Facebook and folks seeking or giving advice about Endurance Riding is a topic that can get just about any Facebook user a little wound up.

In fact, a few weeks ago, I opted to take a break from social media, finding I was taking it all (and myself) just a wee bit too seriously. No regrets. (You’ll be surprised to hear that Facebook has gone on, quite ably, without my daily participation.)

So what is it that goes wrong when experienced competitors and folks new to the sport meet together on Facebook?

With just 15 years in distance riding and only a few thousand AERC miles, I think I fall right in the middle of both ends of the spectrum. Since I’ve been involved in teaching a lot of endurance riding clinics the last few years, I can see the source of frustration on both ends. It saddens me that the discourse gets so contentious...

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