Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hoof Cracks: Types and Treatment - Full Article

By Steve Sermersheim, CJF, AWCF, APF
Dec 12, 2013

From afar your horse’s hooves look pristine. But you notice there’s a dark fissure creeping from the ground up the hoof wall in his left fore. How did your horse develop a crack in one of his seemingly impenetrable feet, and what can you do to halt its advance?

Hoof cracks develop for many reasons. Some are superficial, some are serious, and either can be permanent. Inspecting and picking your horse’s hooves daily, along with keeping your horse on a regular trimming/shoeing schedule, can help prevent hoof cracks from appearing in the first place. Environmental, genetic, nutritional, and conformational factors also play an important role in hoof health and strength. There are many types of hoof imperfections that involve chipping, tearing, and cracking of the hoof wall. Here we’ll describe how to identify and handle common hoof cracks...

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