Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stop a Spook - Full Article

By Lynn Palm with Cynthia McFarland

Learn how to teach your horse not to spook on the trail with these step-by-step guidelines from world champion trainer Lynn Palm.

Create a calm, willing trail horse, and stay in control, with Lynn Palm's four-step spook-check strategy.

Almost all horses spook (that is, shy, sidepass, jump, spin, rear, and/or bolt when startled and scared). As prey animals in the wild, these evasive maneuvers often saved their lives.

However, under saddle, spooking behavior in your horse can seriously jeopardize your safety, as well as that of your horse. Stay safe by teaching your horse not to spook, and by taking the correct actions when your horse spooks on the trail.

First, evaluate your horse. Does he occasionally spook when startled, is he green and inexperienced, or is he a genuinely spooky horse? A spooky horse is one that's naturally more sensitive and worried than others. He tends to see "goblins" around every corner...

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