Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Cowboy Craftsmanship Creating a saddle with both rider and horse in mind

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by Karen Ray

Can you imagine a horse with chronic back pain? Unfortunately, many of our equine companions have been doing their best to perform under just such conditions. From horn to cantle, a saddle is an integral part of the riding experience. It can be one of your best friends or can give endless grief. TW Saddlery and Specialized Saddles, two local companies under the same ownership umbrella, have developed a patented fitting and construction system to provide maximum comfort and mobility to both horses and riders.

Greenville, Texas, is recognized as the saddle making capital of the world. However, 700 miles away in Canutillo, Texas, saddle designers Dave Kaden and Tracy Webb Kaden of Specialized Saddles and TW Saddlery are making a mark on the world with their innovative designs. This large company makes nearly 1,000 saddles per year, shipping them worldwide and participating in about four major equine trade shows per year...

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