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CREWING 100s! The Next Best Thing to Riding … - Full Article

By Patti Stedman | June 6th, 2015

There is no question that the best part of 100s is riding them.

Or more honestly, the BEST thing is talking about having ridden a hundred a few days after having successfully done so, when you’ve caught up on sleep and have triumphed over two massive hurdles — forward stair descent and lowering-self-onto-toilet-seat-without-illegal-use-of-hands.

But the next best thing is crewing, for sure.

Last year I crewed my husband and Sarge through the VT 100, their first 100, with the unfailing help of Rich’s sister, Kathy, and brother in law, Fred. Last month, it was the Biltmore 75, and I crewed (mostly) solo. Next weekend, the plan is to crew them both through the Old Dominion 100.

Hundreds hold appeal to different people for different reasons, but for me, one of the great attractions is the Rubik’s Cube brain-occupation of preparing, considering ‘what ifs’, planning and executing that plan. I have an obsessively busy brain and with 100 miles of trail to contemplate, there’s much to keep a mind occupied.

To crew for 100 means the same obsessive level of attention to detail without the actual saddle time...

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