Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Riding Safety – Tips to Keep You Safe on the Trail - Full Article


Don’t end up like this cowboy!
Basic horse riding tips that can make your riding vacation safer:

There is a great deal more to horseback riding safety than just wearing a hard hat though that is certainly a great idea. After 80 years of riding, 35 years of leading and organizing riding trips and working as an expert witness in riding accident cases, I have formed some strong ideas about the leading causes of riding accidents. They often aren’t what people think. In my experience it is rare that speed alone is the cause of an accident. I have found that the following avoidable risks account for the vast majority of serious accidents.

Not wearing a hard hat
Failure to match horse and rider
Going too fast on dangerous terrain
Failure to check cinches a first time and a second time after a few minutes of riding
A hat or coat falling from a horse in front and spooking the ones behind
A kick from a horse
On foot in the corral
Riding when overweight and out of shape
Lagging behind and catching up by speeding forward
Prematurely “bailing out” to get off a runaway
Unqualified ride leaders
Having too many riders for the number of guides
Improper mounting and dismounting
Attaching lead ropes or reins firmly at inappropriate times
Stirrups and boots
Tying a horse with too much slack
Riding with loose horses
Running Home

Wearing a hard hat

If you are enjoying your life, it makes no sense to ride without a hard hat...

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