Thursday, September 03, 2015

Endurance eliminations can be predicted, say researchers - Full Article | 1 September 2015

Researchers who analysed the performance of more than 4000 endurance horses have shown it is possible to predict likely eliminations as races progress.

The French research team, writing in the open-access journal, PLOS ONE, noted that nearly half of the horses participating in endurance events were eliminated at a vet gate.

“Detecting unfit horses before a health problem occurs and treatment is required is a challenge for veterinarians but is essential for improving equine welfare,” Eric Barrey and his colleagues said.

Barrey, joined in the study by Mohamed Younes, Céline Robert and François Cottin, proposed it would be possible to detect unfit horses earlier in a race by measuring key variables, including heart-rate recovery. Their hypothesis proved correct...

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