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Training Tip: Safely Handle Horses That Rear

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22. September 2015
Clinton Anderson

Rearing is a very dangerous situation for both horse and rider, and if left uncorrected is a problem that only gets worse. Here are three tips to handle a horse that rears.

#1 Go back to basics.
Horses that rear can generally be put into two groups: Rearing out of fear (he's hot and nervous and using the reactive side of his brain) or rearing out of disrespect (he doesn't want to do something). Whatever the cause of rearing is, it's a clear sign that you have not earned your horse's respect. You need to work with him on the ground, earning his trust and establishing yourself as the leader in your partnership. After working with hundreds of horses over the years, I've found that a week or two of consistent groundwork usually cures rearing before you get back in the saddle. Why? Because the horse's respect is earned on the ground by moving his feet, he’s using the thinking side of his brain and he is no longer fearful.

#2 Change his perspective.
If your horse is rearing because he doesn't want to go somewhere, use a little reverse psychology on him...

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