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Peter DeMott and Gigi Embrechts Launch Equine Photographer Podcast

September 20 2015

Endurance photographer Peter DeMott, owner of Peter DeMott Photography and Open Gate Photography Studio in Germantown, Ohio, and Gigi Embrechts of Littleton, Colorado and Vorselaar, Belgium, and owner of Gigi Embrechts Photography, have teamed together to launch The Equine Photographers Podcast.

From their website:
Peter has been around photography for a very long time starting around the age of 12 with a rangefinder 35mm camera and developing black and white film in the upstairs bathroom of his home. In Jr. High school and High School he was the school newspaper photographer and it goes on from there. Peter started in equine photography when he married his wife Patty. Patty had a horse and later started participation in the sport of Endurance Riding. Peter now has a beautiful barn studio for people portraits and does seniors, families, and business head shots along with web site illustration work. He photographs Endurance Rides on a fairly consistent basis (event photography) and visits farms and stables to craft portraits of people and the horses who love them.

“I’ve always had an interest in horses, but had never owned one. When I married Patty, I say she married a camera and I married a horse (Patty owned a horse when I married her and I had cameras and lenses). That’s been over 30 years now. One of the questions we ask in every podcast interview is which came first the camera or the horse. In my case, the camera and people photography came first, then equine photography.”

Peter's website is

Gigi Embrechts is a equine and rural lifestyle photographer.  She lives in Littleton, Colorado and Vorselaar, Belgium and splits her time between these two locations. Gigi focuses her work on rural lifestyles and specializes in documenting and writing about old traditional uses of the draft horses. She is a regular contributor to the Draft Horse Journal magazine for articles and images. She also loves to create fine art images of equine and rural landscapes.
Gigi discovered the joy of photography when she moved to Montana in 1997.  A horse lover since childhood, she naturally gravitated toward using them as her subjects. In 1999 she married her husband John, a native of Belgium, and was exposed to the European draft horse.
"I immediately began using my camera to capture the splendor and document the stories of these work horses and the time-honored way in which they are used. I continue to learn and write about, and photograph these amazing work animals as the main focus of my work."
Gigi's website is
The podcast will feature interviews with wild horse photographers, fine art photographers, breed specific photographers, horse and rider portrait photographers, horse show photographers who shoot western horse shows, rodeo photographers, Dressage show photographers, eventing photographers and many many more specialties within the realm of equine photography.
Every two weeks a new podcast will be posted.

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